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Posted by TreSart L Sioux on December 4, 2010 at 5:17 PM

Ya'll will never know how excited I was to find out from Beverly Randolph that she would do an interview for my site! She is really a sweet lady to take time out of her schedule! So, what are we waiting for? Let's see what went on in and out of the set of Return of the Living Dead.


I was 15 when Return of the Living Dead came out. Needless to say I had my ways of getting into the movie and loved every second of it! What is your reaction to how many fans you have and their love for this flick?

Shock, amazement! It's so nice to have all of these great people like you and want to have a piece of you. So happy they like the movies so much and have fun with it.


Okay, I have to know. Are you a horror fan? I've read many articles on actors that aren't, but do the movies.

I am not a horror fan. People come up to me and want to talk horror movies and I am at a complete loss! I do not even care for the Wizard of Oz! (I know, shame on me…lol.)

Too scary for me.


What was it like to be on the set? I know you've mentioned there were camera problems, but what else went on? Any pranksters? Were you a prankster? LOL!

No pranksters that I remember. We did have a really friendly cast and crew. A great bunch of people to work with.


Tina, the character you played was pretty much a preppy type. How close was her character to who you are in real life?

I am definitely Tina.


The cast of Return has a few faces that are known and a few that went on to more success. What made you decide that you were done with acting?

I didn't have the greatest experience on "Return." Dan the director scared me to death. I didn't feel it would be worth it if that is the way it would be. I was young and foolish at the time. Everyone would tell me I had to be tough, nobody said the director was wrong. I know better now. I've learned a lot about Dan and do not hold it against him. He said before his death that he was an ass to me. I appreciate him saying that so much. All is forgiven.


I'm a huge NFL fan and I know that Mark Venturini played "Suicide" in the movie. Sadly he passed away from leukemia at the age of 35. What was he like to work with?

He actually passed away from a brain tumor. Mark was a big teddy bear. He was nothing like his character. He looked more like a surfer with his blonde hair and build. An absolute angel.


What do you think of the sequels of Return?

What sequels? (LOL)


I'm very close with my sis. I never knew you had a twin sister. Ya'll did commercials in 1965 as babies. What did she think of your role in Return?

Yes, my sister and I did commercials and a few films. She thinks it's fun and tells me to do appearances and conventions when I start to think I shouldn't. She says I owe the fans and go! We come from a big Hollywood Film family so it doesn't faze her much. She does think it's fun though.


Okay, now what is this about you having a pilot license?

My husband and I moved to Wisconsin, the beautiful shores of Lake Geneva. I would always look up and say how wonderful it must be to get in a plane and just go… So he surprised me with flying lessons. At first I was petrified but when the instructor let me "take off" and "land" I was hooked and never looked back. What an exhilarating rush.


Would you ever consider going back into acting?

Yes. I feel that if you have a child, you owe it to them to stay home and raise them. They didn't ask to be brought into this scary world. Now that I stayed home and raised mine, it's time for me to do something for myself. I am definitely thinking about it. I have one child and he is now 17.


Has your son seen Return?

I just let my son see the movie last year after he kept telling me that he was the only one out of all of his friends that hadn't seen it!

After he saw it he had a cute grin on his face and seemed to be very proud. He's been to a few conventions too. He can't believe the crowds and fans. He really had no idea what I did before him. It's funny when his friends introduce him to new people and they say "his mom is Tina." Even his friends are proud…it's really cute.


Again, I want to thank Beverly Randolph for doing the interview. Trust me, I had many more questions, but I know she's a busy lady! Here's hoping she does another great horror flick! 

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Reply Patrick Whitehurst
10:25 PM on December 13, 2010 
Great interview. So cool to read about a movie I loved as a kid. One that brought on a healthy fear of zombies, too!