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For the love or Show me the money honey!?

Posted by RossWarren on November 29, 2010 at 3:25 PM

If you went by the words of a notable betting company advertisement 'It matters more when there's money on it'. But can the same be said of this writing lark?

Obviously it must be a great feeling when someone is so taken by your words that they will thrust cold hard cash into your hand but It isn't the reason you put them down on paper in the first place.

You probably already spotted the word 'must' there didn't you? I'm still waiting to experience that particular thrill, but I can say that it will have to go some to top the excitement of my first appearance in a so called 'For the Love' publication.

That first appearance was for a story called 'Pestilence Takes a Cruise' in the Novemeber 09 'Sketchbook' Issue of Estronomicon Ezine from Screaming Dreams. Now this, for me, is in the top ten of non-paying markets. It's a quality presentation put together with passion and attention to detail by editor Steve Upham.

It's magazines like this one that come to mind when I see yet another thread on Shocklines attacking someone for having the gaul to start up a magazine with a non-paying policy. If people are discouraged by these negative threads quality publications aren't going to be discovered and possibly evolve into being able to offer payment. Just because there is no financial incentive being offered doesn't mean the editor is not going to try to make each issue the best it can possibly be.

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Reply Shaun Hammel
5:01 PM on November 29, 2010 
Haven't looked at that thread yet, but it's hard to imagine a really good argument against well-run non-pay markets. There might be, I don't know. Number one, how many good or possibly great writers are lost in their massive slush piles and rejections? Quite a few? Cream always rises to the top? Yeah, maybe..

Number two, I'm not doing this for money. At least not yet. I've found something I actually enjoy doing. Maybe even a passion for. So, fuck you to whoever tells me what I'm doing is damaging to the industry somehow. And yes, Im the sort that will say it to your face. :)

Also, if things go well, I have every intention of finding a way to pay writers in the future. Even if I just break even. It's something I actually enjoy and love doing. It's not my career. I certainly don't pretend I have the experience of a professional editor, but I'm using this magazine as a way to learn the game. So, 'fuck you' again if you have a problem with that.

Also, Im very serious when I say, if something is submitted that is just over the top wonderful or amazing, I will try to find a way to actually pay this author, out of my own pocket, even though Im in massive debt. Would you do that professional editor? Nah.

Good post, Ross.
Reply JoeMynhardt
11:33 PM on December 2, 2010 
Every Magazine has to start at the beginning.