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Ross Warren and The Chamber of Silly Little Stories

Posted by RossWarren on November 22, 2010 at 4:37 AM

Sorry I'm a bit late with this week's blog, for once it wasn't down to procrastination as I have been working at the day job all weekend with no internet access. Ok that's the apologies out the way now on with the blog.

Whenever I attend a family function, be it a wedding, christening or emigration party, you could bet serious money on me being asked the following question or some variation of it:

Are you still writing your silly little stories?

I should at this point give you a little background to my family and the first thing to note is; they are not on the whole patrons of the arts. They are practical minded folk with practical occupations like builders, plumbers and shop keepers. The only writing they do for pleasure is Christmas Cards and the only book that features in their day-to-day lives comes with a date on each page. Even my wife, chosen from millions, is an engineer who considers every minute I spend at my laptop writing as a minute spent not doing the housework or one of the million little jobs she considers needs doing around the house.

However, as my opening blog mentioned, I prefer to look at things from a positive angle so I'm going to talk about my little sister instead. Lisa is the shining beacon amongst the rocky sea shore of my extended family. Always supportive and enquiring of what I've got on the go at any particular time. A couple of years ago, for my 30th birthday, she secretly collected several of my stories together, including one that was the completion of an Ian Rankin story for a competition, and had it printed up into a little booklet and we had my first ever signing session at my birthday meal. She is always awesome at birthday and christmas gifts. In recent years these have included a signed first edition of 'The Name of the Wind' by Patrick Rothfuss and an inscribed first edition of 'The Warded Man' by Peter V Brett as a thank you for recommending the book to her.

So Lisa I want to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thanks and say that when I eventually finish my novel, 'The Frozen', I know what the dedication is going to say.

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Reply Shaun Hammel
10:05 AM on November 22, 2010 
Yeah it's weird how people, especially family, react to the business of a practicing writer. I watched a clip of Stephen King on a terrible American show called The View, and these women hosts were asking him the most mundane and moronic questions. It blew my mind. King must have a masochistic streak in him, I guess. The process of writing horror fiction might as well be aliens anal probing zebras to most of the world. They literally walk around that clueless and disassociated from their own imaginations, it makes me a little scared, and a little sad. And a lot glad I'm not like them.

I have a very supportive family in some ways, but live in a house of madness, and have to find ways on daily basis to cope with and block out the distractions of a demented person. And the truth is virtually none of them are interested much in the words I put on a blank screen. It can become a tool of motivation though if you look at it right.

Get that novel done somehow, and forget the rest. It's my plan. Nice post, Ross.
Reply Lisa Childs
1:18 PM on November 22, 2010 
Loving the blogs so far but I am maybe a little bias in saying that this particular one is my favourite :-)
Thanks Ross x
Reply JoeMynhardt
11:29 AM on November 24, 2010 
Being the most educated person to ever come out of my family, they're not too surprised that I write, but they'll never understand my love for the macabre. And although everyone says they're proud of me and so on, they don't really listen whenever I talk about writing projects etc.

Don't let it get you down man. Being an author is a dream job, some people just don't let it become anything more than just a dream.[
Reply Shaun Hammel
11:32 AM on November 24, 2010 
well looks like comments are working